Aperture Science

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Video game logic 308567011949969402 - catch me. Ehehehehee, they really look like they’re in pain Source by camgallery Portal Memes, Portal 2 Funny, Portal Art, Portal 2 Game, Portal Wheatley, Valve Games, Aperture Science, Fanart, Half Life

Fuck Yeah Half-Life

spectrumtonic: “ I managed to catch Wheatley with my face! >:0 …but then I moved and he rolled off. ”

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Random Tumblr Jewels To Occupy Existence With

Random Tumblr Jewels To Occupy Existence With - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.

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45 Impressive PC Case Mods

When you run out of impressive, expensive hardware to shove into your gaming and video editing rig, what's left? Why, turning it into something that looks

Lots of fun Portal stuff here. 'Replica Portal 2 Personality Cores' on Wish

Portal 2 Personality Sphere Figures (Wheatley, Adventure/Rick, Space, "Fact")

Funtional Replicas of the Personality Spheres from Portal 2. All the major degrees of freedom move like in the game. Designed, modeled (SolidWorks), painted and assembled by me and made with Eden 350, lancing device springs, paper clips, LEDs, etc,.... Wheatley Adventure Sphere (Rick) Space Sphere "Fact" Sphere BTW, I'm not selling nor making more of these. Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=db43pjAhqfA

 this happenedquite surprised they gave her any voice lines, dem details even if it's only: ugh, ow, nngh ---Chell, Portal (c) ValveArt (c) me PORTAL: A Paradox Video Game Memes, Video Games Funny, Funny Games, Portal Memes, Portal Art, Aperture Science, Pokemon, You Monster, Half Life

PORTAL: A Paradox by Sunny--San on DeviantArt

so yeah... this happenedquite surprised they gave her any voice lines, dem details even if it's only: ugh, ow, nngh ---Chell, Portal (c) ValveArt (c) me PORTAL: A Paradox

portal 2 reference in test Portal 2 Funny, Portal Memes, Combustible Lemons, Aperture Science, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, You Monster, Video Game Memes, Half Life

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An excellent crossover of Limbo and Portal. League Of Legends, Portal Art, Valve Games, Aperture Science, Fnaf Characters, Drawing Practice, Bioshock, Indie Games, Pretty Art

This is Aperture by Elixirmy on DeviantArt

So- I really surprised myself for this (legitimate reason) I woke up with a bug bites on my arms. All day MY WRIST in particular is swollen to the point... This is Aperture

"You look ugly in that jumpsuit. it's right here on your fact sheet. They said on everyone else it looked fine, but on you, it looked hideous. But still what does an old enginee

Portal GLaDOS Inspired Hair Flower

Portal: Still Alive Set Overview.

Portal: Still Alive Set Overview.

As one of the original members of the Thinking With Portals project, I’m very pleased to announce a new Portal 2 project featuring a fully updated, and much more advanced model of everybody’s favorite robot antagonist! With the news that LEGO will be adding Chell to the playable character line-up of their LEGO Dimensions game, could there possibly be a better time to try to bring GlaDos back to life? The original Thinking With Portals project went completely viral, and after being featured…