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Andrea Busch

Too shy for my own good, and pretty lazy.
Andrea Busch
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Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 5 by

Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 5 by echoing-artemis on deviantART Pretty sure that's the most beautiful Rapunzel wig I've ever seen.

Rapunzel cosplay

Most awesome rapunzel wig ive ever seen for cosplay EVER. Looks like it stepped straight out of the movie. Made with flexible tubing inside with hair wrapped around, makes the thickness even more noticeable.

constructing a rapunzel wig

How to be Rapunzel Hi everyone! So I suddenly realized that I had quite a few asks about my Rapunzel wig that have gone unnoticed, because I’ve never realized they were there because I primarily use.

Despite its name, the maned wolf is not a wolf at all, nor is it a fox, coyote, or dog. It is the only member of the Chrysocyon genus, making it a truly unique animal, not closely related to any other living canid. One hypothesis for this is that the maned wolf is the last surviving species of the Pleistocene Extinction, which wiped out all other large canids from the continent.

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid in South America, resembling a large fox with reddish fur. This mammal is found in open and semi-open habitats, especially grasslands with scattered bushes and trees throughout South America. The maned wolf is the tall

Frozen -Gender bent Anna, Elsa, Han and Kristoff (as well as Olaf and Sven). I LOVE DIS!

Rule 63 Frozen - Gender bent Anna, Elsa, Han and Kristoff (as well as Olaf and Sven). And is it wrong that I find gender bent Anna (Andy) so attractive?