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Sandra Knarvik
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When your human demands that you take a selfie with them, then you gotta take that damned selfie.

Tfw u yell gay at ur cursh part 2/?? by KitsuneZakuro

TFW u yell gay at ur crush 1 hehehe there are gonna be 1 or 2 more parts of this shitty thing, ALSO IF Y’ALL THINK SHIRO. Tfw u yell gay at ur cursh part

Voltron: Legendary Defender

raisng a baby fandom meme - shiro is the baby ! (c'mon guys, 6 is a little old for this babying)


They are their own beings. Not a binary star at war ever trying to be free. They are right and left brain communicating to purple brain or consciousness.

Lance you okay there bud?

Don't worry Keith I cried about MCR breaking up too! *whispers* I still do.