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cyyphr: ““smol and tol daegu boys ” ”

Being small has its advantages; like hiding in small places and riding a tricycle


a player in my own league.

Imagem de gif, korea, and taehyung

Proof that BigHit stans smol Jimin. They made him crawl through the bars as part of the script.

I just choked hon you arE 19 CALM DOWN

[vietnamese] Things that love [Highest Ranking… # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Ji Chang Wook

If you clicked on this feature, you& probably like me and have fallen for Ji Chang Wook. Maybe you fell in love with him many years ago when he was still

So jealous with that cat

SUMMER PACKAGE 2017 썸머패키지 2017 / Between squishy jimin and the cat there is too much cuteness in one gif. My brain is overloaded.