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13 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas that Are Simple and Cheap ... Extra seating idea for parties too.

DIY Cinder blocks + 4 x 4 beams + paint = Instant Bench! Use concrete Adhesive to hold cinder blocks together.

Bright Woods Collection by Giancarlo Zema for Avanzini Group

I like this 10 Totally different and Nice Backyard venture Anybody Can Make 7 - Diy & Crafts Concepts Journal

(silk thread wrapped around rocks / slate??? driftwood/ fabric/ sari scraps ?? ) /// Pantone View Home + Interiors 2016 - Soft focus | KitchAnn style

Textile Design: Rhythms of Reflected Shorelines. Hand-dyed threads by Helena Emmans.

I want my walls to look like water, almost Monet-like. Like this layering of blues and greens.

If you are new to decorative painting, sponging is a great place to start. Sponge on glaze or sponge off glaze to create the custom look perfect for you. To cover a larger area in less time use a sponge roller in place of the natural sea sponge.

Color washing your walls gives them a weathered, worn look that works well with Tuscan or Mediterranean decor.

By applying joint compound and a color wash glaze, you can give your modern walls an Old World look. The joint compound gives the walls a rustic texture like those found in the ancient homes of Tuscany.

Before and after cleaning leather couches. Works amazing! 1/8 cup distilled white vinegar 1/4 cup olive oil. Mix well in a spray bottle and wipe with a lint free cloth and ta-da, brand new leather couches!

Before and after cleaning leather couches. Mix well in a spray bottle and wipe with a lint free cloth and ta-da, brand new leather couches!


Yellow submarine bathroom. This would be awesome for a kids bathroom. if I ever have a big enough house that the kids get their own bathroom!

Stained concrete bathroom floor - amazing - like a swimming pool in your house! If you're looking for innovative ideas for decorating your bathroom, be sure to take a look at our website,

Concrete bathroom floor koi pond, GREAT idea, except for the crap tile in this picture, could mosaic stones too.


Textured, fancy walls are so in right now—and watercolor walls are just continuing that trend. Check out these pretty rooms that style the watercolor wall mural really well, for inspiration on how to do it in your home.