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two texts that are being shared to someone on their cell phone, one is telling the other
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Put's that movie in it's place! lol
an old computer screen with some text on it
Funny Meme
I love this because I randomly spam my friends with this crap
a man sitting on a couch reading a book with a cat flying above him
Just you wait!!
Millicent and Kylo when Hux isn’t home.
a black and white cat holding up a sign that says kopege dikkat
I want to know if the cat did that himself or if they put that on him and then they took like a billion pictures to get this or if it was the first try
the different types of sea animals and their names
If I had to name some animals. - Funny
two different pictures of an animal in the water with bubbles coming out of it's mouth
Baloon fish gets booped - Funny
Baloon fish gets booped