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a game table with colorful pegs on it and a wooden board in the middle
wooden tic - tac - toe game with pieces cut out to look like x and o
DIY Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game | Parental Perspective
Leather, Boots, Decoration, Bags, Wardrobes, Cowboy Boots, Boot Puller
a birdhouse with an apple hanging from it's side
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two wooden step stools sitting on top of each other with the words, how to build a wood step stool beginner level project
How To Build A Wood Step Stool - Simple & Easy Beginner Woodworking Project
a diagram showing the width of an open drawer
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How to cut the wood for your house sparrow nestbox. Two sides: 150 mm wide, with one side 200 mm high and the opposite side 250 mm high. This means that the roof will slope down towards the front. Front: 150 mm wide by 200 mm. Cut a round hole, 32 mm in diameter, 150 mm up from the bottom. Roof: 150 mm by 210 mm. Base: 150 mm by 120 mm. Drill five drainage holes into this piece. Back: 150 mm by 350 mm. The roof of the box should start 60 mm from the top of the back piece. The base of the bo...
the diagram shows how to make a birdhouse with two doors and one door open