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some sketches of people with different facial expressions
a comic strip with an image of two people kissing and one is holding the other's head
The dragon prince Rayla and Callum
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a person laying on top of a body of water under a sky filled with stars
four different anime characters sitting on top of each other
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an image of some people holding flags and pointing them at the same person with one hand
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two anime characters are hugging each other with horns on their heads and one is wearing an armor
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two cartoon characters, one with white hair and the other wearing black
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A Thing Of Vikings
There is a beautiful upside-down truth, which is that these moments of purest strength appear as weakness to those who don’t know better. For a long time, I didn’t know better. I ask you and your brother to reject history as a narrative of strength, and instead have faith that it can be a narrative of love.
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Dragoness Ramblings
Dragoness Ramblings