Free knitting pattern for Waffle Blanket - Ana Sancho Rumeu’s squishy afghan has a 4-row, 3 stitch repeat. Once you learn it, it goes quickly. The border is an attached i-cord but if you can substitute a garter or seed stitch border if you want something simpler. Some knitters have used multi-color yarn which looks great in this stitch. This was designed as a regular sized afghan so you might customize the size when you knit.

Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Waffle Blanket by Ana Sancho Rumeu, free pattern. Honeycomb stitch with attached I-cord border. Designed as a regular sized afghan, so you might want to customize the size when you knit.

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Olivias omslagsjakke og romper (Strikkeguri sine strikkerier)

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