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four pictures of a person's hand holding a blue beaded broochet
Mandala Stone Freeland Art Shack Painted Rock | Etsy
an orange and red beaded ball sitting on top of a gray surface with white dots
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
Roca roca pintado a mano arte rupestre por etherealearthrockart
a painted rock sitting on top of a wooden bench
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
Piedra de Mandala mano pintada
a painted rock sitting on top of a table
Mandala Stone Hand Painted
Mano de piedra Mandala pintada
a hand holding a painted rock in the shape of a flower with blue dots on it
an ornament in a box with red and blue beadwork on it
Mandala Stone, sea urchin inspired, red, orange and blue.
This is a sea urchin inspired Mandala Stone, with glow in the dark detail. I have picked this stone from in the water in the Carboneras beach, Cabo de Gata, Almeria, Spain, when I was there on a one of my concert tours this summer. I have enjoyed so much creating it and happy to put it out there for you to fall in love with it too. It is approx. 5.8 cm. diameter and it is sealed with matt varnish. It is suitable for indoors use. Please handle with care and do not sumerge in water or leave lon...
an artistically painted rock sitting on a blue surface with gold dots in the center
Mandala Stein groß von Hand bemalt dot painting | Etsy
Mandala Stein groß von Hand bemalt dot painting
a blue and purple ball sitting on top of a polka dot table cloth
a woman's hand holding a painted rock
Cet article n'est pas disponible | Etsy
Pierres de gros oursin bleu ombre mandala / Mandala par Mandalaole
a blue and pink ball sitting on the ground
Anastasia Helten's Art
a colorful ball sitting on top of a table next to a doily covered surface
Painted Rocks Feminism Zen Garden Girl Power Self Care - Etsy
Liona Hotta Painted Rocks feminism zen garden girl power self care Mindfulness gift Painted stone Feminist gift Mandala stone kindness mandala
an artistically painted box sitting on the ground
Watercolor Pencils Archives - Art Supplies |
All my mandala stones are hand painted on only the roundest natural stones I can find, each protected with two coats of matt vanish. The smooth surface of these stones is an ideal surface to paint on, and I can think of no better subject than beautiful, colorful mandalas. This round mandala stone is 3 3/4 wide, 1 3/4 deep, and has almost 5 of painted surface area! As usual, there is no mass production. Some designs may look similar, but each stone is unique in its own way. They are...
a woman's hand holding up a black rock with colorful designs on it
First #travelling #kindness #rock to #latvia #mandala #tkr #tulips #novascotia #dotrocks #healing # - otauna_world
Mandala in orange and black...