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Had to do this for my science class

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No pressure... her bother only holds one of the edible cell titles from years ago. When it comes to projects... they are Anna Katherine's thing. She loves them! After the presentation, this project gets eaten by the class. Project budgets in our house are usually around $10. We used our Monkey Bread pan from Target and glued a styrofoam circle to the center. ($1) Anna Katherine baked a box cake and tinted the icing. ($3) We then loaded up on candy at the dollar store. Runts are perfect for…

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Need a science project for biology?Study cells and cell parts by making different models out of ordinary or unusual substances.Learn about different kinds of cells

3D models are a fun, easy way to learn about plant and animal cells and this science project is often assigned in both middle and high school...
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How to Create 3D Plant Cell and Animal Cell Models for Science Class

3D models are a fun, easy way to learn about plant and animal cells and this science project is often assigned in both middle and high school...

Cell Pizza
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Cells ~ It's What's for Dinner

Dawson made edible cells on Friday. He made an animal cell pizza ... and a plant cell chocolate chip cookie ... He reviewed what he's learned about cells the past two weeks, and I had dinner made by someone else. Win, win!! I am linking up at Science Sunday at Adventures in Mommydom.

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How to Make an Edible Cell Model

The best science projects are the ones you can eat! Learn how to make an edible cell model with cake and candy. Hands-on science, how to make a cell model.

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We made cells. We used graham crackers to make plant cells.

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100 Edible Education Projects - Teach Beside Me
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100 Edible Education Projects

Because EVERYTHING is more fun when food is involved... We love doing projects that we can eat! Food makes learning so much more fun. Today I have a HUGE round-up of over 100 edible education

animal cell cupcake or cake, room 233
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room233 - Fruit Roll-Ups

Edible Animal Cell Model, biology
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Edible Animal Cell Model {Biology Project}

Today we made a {yummy} model of an animal cell. Biology is my focus in Science this year with Maggie and Aidan. So far we are loving it....

Biology Project: Candy Cell by LiliNyan-tan on deviantART

Biology Project: Candy Cell by LiliNyan-tan on DeviantArt

Me and my mum made a candy cell for my biology project. cell membrane: rice crispy treats cytoplasm: Piping gel nucleus: a ball of fruit by the foot nuc... Biology Project: Candy Cell

an edible animal cell model made out of rice krispy treats and fondant - wow! from "crazy about cakes"
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An Edible Animal Cell Model

My friend's son had an assignment for school where he was required to make a 3d animal cell model. It had to have all of the cell parts, such as the Nucleus, Nuclear Membrane, Mitochondrion, Golgi Bodies, etc. He was told that he could make the model out of anything as long as it wasn't something that could get smelly in a couple of days. Since one of his favorite shows is "Cake Boss", he decided he wanted to make it out of Rice cereal and fondant. He came over tonight so that I could teach…

This is what I want to do for science
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Cake – 08.26.09 Tessa, Ben’s little sister, had a science project to create an animal cell. There was also extra credit available for anyone that came up with an idea the teacher had …