Unni Benberg Skjærvold

Unni Benberg Skjærvold

Unni Benberg Skjærvold
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How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Spider

Fold one pipe cleaner into three equal parts. Cut the triangle at each angle so that there are three equal parts. Using one of the three equal parts as a guide, cut a section the same length off of the untouched pipe cleaner.

Silly Stone Spiders {Halloween How To} These silly spiders are made with rocks and pipe cleaners. They are a fun Halloween craft for kids and make a great outdoor decoration. You can line your walkway with them on Halloween night.

Mommy Magic!: Outdoor Adventures: Bugs by Erin Uda

(BUGS BADGE) Creepy Crawly Bingo (Use for insect week but remind children that insects have six legs and on this bingo card there are worms, etc.