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two wooden beds sitting next to each other
Wayfinder - Props , Oleksandr Bohdan
ArtStation - Wayfinder - Props
an image of a statue made out of bricks and stone with a face on it
Stylized Fontain, Nikolay Kirienko
ArtStation - Stylized Fontain
Fantasy Art, Croquis, Model, Fantasy, Ilustrasi, Idées Minecraft, Fantasy Landscape, Wip
Cavern Environment - Asset Sculpts, Julian Vermeulen
an image of some wood planks on a black background
(Unity) - Fantasy Dock
(Unity) - Fantasy Dock - Polycount Forum
three pieces of red wood sitting on top of each other
wood study, Ashish Verma
ArtStation - wood study, Ashish Verma
some wood planks that have been cut in half to look like they are stacked together
[WIP] Tower scene [UDK]
[WIP] Tower scene [UDK] — polycount
a very large metal object with some sort of knife on it's head and neck
Low Poly Sword, Robertas Liekis
an image of a horned head on top of a metal pole with two large knives sticking out of it
bounch's items! - Page 2
an old fashioned metal key with two large keys attached to it's sides, on a black background
Makers Axe - Sculpt, Go'Rim
an image of a female body with muscles highlighted
Stylized Female Anatomy , George Zaky
ArtStation - Stylized Female Anatomy
a mannequin wearing a suit and tie in front of a gray background with the image of a woman's face
Girl, Pablo Dobarro
ArtStation - Girl, Pablo Dobarro
an image of a bodybuilding man on a black background
Venom , Tushar Dobriyal
an image of some kind of futuristic object