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a wooden post with a lamp on top of it
Stylized Handpainted Mailbox, Anna Nilsson
two wooden beds sitting next to each other
Wayfinder - Props , Oleksandr Bohdan
ArtStation - Wayfinder - Props
Game Props, Blade, Low Poly, Game Art, Low Poly Art
Show your hand painted stuff, pls! - Page 25
four pieces of wood sitting on top of each other in front of a white background
Stylized Logs 3D Model $12 - .unknown .ma .fbx .obj
Stylized Logs 3D-model $12 - .fbx .obj .ma .unknown - Free3D
an abstract painting of wooden planks in different colors
Wood/Rock Textures w/ Process, Becca Hallstedt
Films, Game Concept Art, Cg Art, Game Design, Fantasy Props
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