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Parallel Universes are real And Will Soon Be Testable, Researchers Say | Physics-Astronomy

Is there another you reading this article at this exact moment in a parallel universe? Brian Greene, author of The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos, believes that this freakish quirk of nature may exist;

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Nat King Cole  Unforgettable . Our wedding song framed in our daughters room.

To my beautiful, sweet granddaughter, Emily Victoria, u are unforgettable ~ frm Grandma XXX ~ Nat King Cole, 'Unforgettable'. My father and I danced to this on my wedding day.

Natalie Cole duet with her Father LIVE - Unforgettable love me the chills. so beautiful

Natalie Cole LIVE - 'Unforgettable' - Natalie and Nat King Cole were both unforgettable.


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