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a cross stitch pattern with an image of a moose in the snow, and trees
Classic Pullover Pattern No. 5324 | Knitting Patterns
Elk chart for knitting (use for washcloth!)
the silhouettes clipart - clipart kid app for iphone is shown in black and white
Impress Cards Crafts and Rubber Stamps
5322F - ornate frame
there is a book cover with an image of two trolls hugging each other and the title reads, what do you think?
" Trollmor och Trollfar " , handpainted by Anneke Legeer, the Netherlands, inspired by Rolf Lidberg. Weert , december 2006
Rolf Lidberg Sweden Ideas, Fairy Tales, Sweden, Tales, Pinterest, Fantasy Adventure
Rolf Lidberg Sweden
a painting of two people cooking on the side of a mountain with a dog and bear
an image of two trolls hugging each other
"Trollfar och Trollmor ", handpainted by Anneke Legeer, the Netherlands, naar voorbeeld van Rolf Lidberg, 2006
a drawing of children playing in the back of a wagon
Rolf Lidberg
children playing in the grass with wolfs and other animals on a hill side, surrounded by trees
(Artist: Rolf Lidberg.)
an old man sitting under a tree eating a hamburger next to the ocean and trees
"Ibiza ",handpainted by Anneke Legeer,the Netherlands , naar voorbeeld van Rolf Lidberg, Zweden Idre 8 juni 2014
Rolf Lidberg
Rolf Lidberg
a painting of a man with an antler on his back walking through the woods
Mountain Troll
Olaf the Mountain Troll by Larry MacDougall
the silhouette of a woman holding a bird in front of a tree with birds flying overhead
Huldra by mayza8888 on DeviantArt
huldra | ... intriguing is that of the Huldra which lures men into the underworld
a poem written in black ink on white paper
Uff Da Lefsa!
an old book with the title'troll cross'written on it
The Pixel Smith
The troll cross (trollkors) is a twisted piece of metal worn as an amulet to ward off malevolent magic. A charm worn by early Scandinavian peoples as protection against trolls and elves, the troll cross is an important part of Scandinavian folklore. Iron and crosses were both believed to ward off evil creatures. Troll crosses continue to be a popular item of jewelry throughout Scandinavia.