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red roses on white fabric with green and pink flowers in the center, rolled up to look like something out of wrapping
Nerdy sewing tips: How to sew a narrow hem (for curved hems and/or del
Nerdy sewing tips: How to sew a narrow hem (for curved hems and/or del – By Hand London
the sewing machine is working on the fabric that has been stitched together with it's needle
The Absolute Easiest Way to Sew Elastic to a Waistline
Nancy Zieman's Sewing A to Z
a woman standing in front of a white wall
How to take your measurements all by you lonesome
a baby's doll stroller on a wooden floor
DIY: Puppenbuggy Bezug
Dieser stand schon lange auf meiner Liste, denn diese billigen Plastikstoffdinger reißen doch einfach zu schnell aus.. und da die Sonne zum ...
a purple and black dog harness with flowers on it's front, sitting on top of a wooden floor
Freebie - Puppentrage
sticKUHlinchen: Freebie - Puppentrage
the baby doll carrier is made with green and pink fabric
Craft Book Month - Little Things to Sew
sewVery: Craft Book Month - Little Things to Sew
a woman in a pink bodysuit posing for the camera
How to make a Duct Tape dress form • Offbeat Wed (was Offbeat Bride)
Etoiledunord created this how-to for creating a Duct Tape dress form, complete with silly pictures of her all mummified in neon pink Duct Tape! This has got to be one of our favorite DIY experiments ever.
someone is cutting fabric with scissors on the table next to some pieces of yellow cloth
How to Sew Knit Neckline Binding | Standard Method
Standard method for sewing a jersey cotton knit neckline binding #Tricot #Naaien