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there are many different types of wrappings on the wall
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Use wire to make a space to store gift wrap rolls against the ceiling, rather than cluttering up the floor.
an assortment of rolled up books are hanging on a wall with wooden pegs to hold them
A Clever way to Organize Paper
Wrapping paper storage. My thought is to put a dab of hot glue on the "up" side of each dowel (and make sure they're always glue-side up, if rearranged) to make a kind of bumper, or drill the holes at a slight angle so the dowels tilt up just enough to keep the rolls from rolling off.
a woman standing in front of a wall full of fabric
Great Gift Wrap Storage Ideas
Gift Wrapping Storage Wall - Cup hooks holding the dowels make it easy to switch out paper seasonally or when a roll is finished.
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Wrapping Paper Storage!
a wall mounted display with different colored tapes
Wrapping Paper & Ribbon Wall Rack
Wrapping Paper Ribbon Wall Rack tutorial
an assortment of rolled up wrappings on a rack in a craft room or office
Boxes, Bins, Baskets and More Storage
Wrapping paper storage using cafe curtain rods. This site also has oodles of great organizing ideas.
several rolls of toilet paper are lined up
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IKEA's Grocery bag holders for holding wrapping paper rolls- Clever
a wooden rack with many different types of bracelets hanging from it's sides
DIY Behind-the-Door Wrapping Paper/Ribbon Storage
Pinterest Craft storage ideas | ... Between the Limes: DIY Behind-the-Door Wrapping Paper/Ribbon Storage