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three shelves with vases and flowers on them, one is made out of pallets
35 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects to Spruce up Your Space ...
35 Amazing DIY Home Decor Projects to Spruce up Your Space ... → DIY
a woman holding a mirror made out of driftwood
35 Coastal Farmhouse Ideas for Every Space In Your Home
Bringing the home to your home
three wooden sculptures made out of driftwood on a white table cloth with light coming through them
Le bois flotté nous enseigne - Tourisme
Would look great in a garden at night
a wooden christmas tree made out of sticks
Driftwood Christmas tree: #Christmas #Holidays OMW @Holly Simon, this would be perfect in your house!!! Get the youth picking up TONS of drift wood!!! lol
rainbow wind chimes hanging from a tree with the words rainbow wind chimes on it
Homemade Wind Chimes Made From Painted Sticks
easy homemade stick wind chimes - happy hooligans
two wicker baskets sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table outside
Driftwood Lantern
a glass vase made out of driftwood sticks
Driftwood Hurricane, Tall
two baskets filled with succulents on top of a table next to a pool
Driftwood dsucculent planters
a sculpture made out of driftwood with fire in the middle and light coming from it
Super cool driftwood lighting. This is inspiring me to make my own clever driftwood lighting.
two small white houses are hanging on a wall with wood planks and metal nails
driftwood houses by Kirsty Elson
there is a sculpture made out of driftwood on the shelf next to a vase