damn straight lol

I`m happy I dare to smile baby :) I love you darling & I want to kiss you honey actually I want everything but pretending with this modesty thing ,I love you girl


Why is it always about ego for us seriously I don't really care what my one thinks about me I can fall I. Love without that sh*<<< Love isn't real hoe?


Gemini and most of my family are libra's. And my bestie is a Pisces and most every one in my family is a Capricorn but my best friend/cousin is a Leo

Libra zodiac power numbers - Google Search

Aquarius + Sagittarius: The Gods; Aquarius + Pisces: The Open-Minds; Aquarius + Capricorn: The Ice Queens; Aquarius + Virgo: The Scientists

Strong hearted, dreamy, creative and spontaneous. Creative and dreamy and strong hearted def true but idk about spontaneous ♒️