Apparently I'm everything except femme fatale

♐️Sagittarius - enthusiast and visionary + dreamer

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Dimples cheeks and cleft chin on the dot


twenty one pilots reference


Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn all like "we are not cute.we are sexy ;


Birthday Month Quotes Which Is Your Birth Month

damn straight lol

I smile . I`m happy I dare to smile baby :) I love you darling & I want to kiss you honey actually I want everything but pretending with this modesty thing ,I love you girl

true true true

I guess I am a summer sign. I do love the outdoor though I prefer being indoors!


We actually fall in love quite quickly and easily just we deny it ourselves, and especially to other people so everyone thinks it takes forever (Capricorn)

Intj common phrases said by


Gemini and most of my family are libra's. And my bestie is a Pisces and most every one in my family is a Capricorn but my best friend/cousin is a Leo

pokemon horoscope #pokemon #vulpix

I decided to make a Pokémon horoscope, because the only one I could find was a shitty one (sorry). I think it turned out good! Btw, the only pokémon who isn't randomly placed is Gastly. Because Gastly is like a halloween pkmn or something, hahah.

The "i notice everything. i just act like i don't" squad...Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign, Libra

The “i notice everything. i just act like i don’t”… ★ // Pisces // Gemini…

Taurus, Most Sassy, Bitchy, Dominant, Perverted and Stronghearted


Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Im scared they wont be satisfied, so I never rest


ok story time with maya there's a girl at our school and she's an aquarius and everybody ships her with this guy like they're everyone's otp

I say this all the time😂 -Libra