SO SAD! <3 #pokemon #cute #comic

I want the Bidoof. That Bidoof is cute. I don't want any other Bidoof. My Bidoof.

Pokemon Funny #You caught a Beedrill

Pokemon Funny caught a Beedrill. though she doesn't seem to have enough badges to make it listen.

NEW Clefable and Gengar theory- same Pokemon!

NEW Clefable and Gengar theory- same Pokemon!<<<Also love that Harry Potter reference. 30 points to Jigglypuff!

Yeah!!! Definitely ahaha

I like pokemon

Ever since I first played Blue (about 9 years ago, I wasn't alive when it was first released of course XD)<< my first pokemon game was Diamond i never had a gameboy oops XD

Pokemon fans

That's me, Pokémon was better before Pokémon go, like this pin if u like the original regions better that the new regions <<< tbh about the regions doesn't matter and don't have to do with Pkmn Go -.

And this is why Ditto is a ho. Oh man so true my poor ditto I have turned it into a slut!<<THAT POOR EEVEE


I’ll have you know that Dick is a very respectable name for an Onix I thought he was talking about a Diglet

flying-type pokemon-go type chart

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