life hacks

Stain removal - what-are-thooosseeee: “ weallheartonedirection: “ How to get out stains using other things ” TO SAVE A LIFE ”

I've read Lamb To The Slaughter it was great because it was like a play and I got to be the wife lol -yo I'm not a murderer I swear-tengotodo

1000 Life Hacks

Good idea for Nancy and Donny :) 1000 Life Hacks. I have looked for peppermint oil several times because I'll try just about anything to not have spiders!

Not sure if all of these are true, but it wouldn't hurt to try out a few

A few psychological tricks you can use on people

15 Smart Psychology Hacks for Everyday. (I feel kinda iffy about calling them "psychology hacks". When it comes down to it, it's really just manipulation.

How to Half a Recipe - Free Printable Guide

How to Half a Recipe - Free Printable Guide