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Kibum being flawless

GIF of Kim Ki-bum (김기범) better known as Key ( 키) from the South Korean boy group SHINee (샤이니).

Hahaha!!! Oh my gosh Key oppa why are you so wonderful?

That looks normal for Key. xD Oh my gosh, why are you so wonderful, Kim Kibum?

Dear SHINee.  Please tell that gorgeous...I mean tell Key to STOP! signed I can't breathe.cause Key is my kryptonite. P.S. Never mind SHINee! Key can be gorgeous all he wants, I'll just die. P.P.S. I'm not serious SHINee, I won't really die but Key's "Killing me softly" tell him that! P.P.P.S Actually tell Jonghyun to sing the Fugees "Killing me softly" to him:) P.P.P.P.S. One last request, Please film it SHINee!!!:)

Please tell that gorgeous.I mean tell Key to STOP! I can't breathe cause Key is my kryptonite.

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key bout to be my favorite shinee member but im really fighting it because tae will always be my one and only. but key.


Key Oppa ❤ please stop making advertises xD I wanna buy this immediately