Stained Glass

You can have them all, any color you like, they are all blue.
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Teddy Bear

Symbols of Importance

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Prince Rogers Nelson


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Void Design

Light Spectrum

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Religious Iconography & Mythology

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Barbie Film 2023
Micheal Jackson’s Moonwalker

Movie Posters

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King of the Hill


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Star Eyes

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Star Crown

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Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon
‎Romantic Warrior by Return to Forever on Apple Music

Album Covers

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an advertisement for the new album, after hours at the national stadium in las vegas
the words papsia are lit up in blue and white letters on a black background
the words psta are lit up against a dark background
the word pasta is made up of shiny blue letters
the words pppsta are blue and have stars on them
a painting of a woman in the rain
a man in a suit and bow tie smiling at the camera with other people behind him
Void Design: Photo
Void Design
Void Design
Instagram, Photo, Wallpaper, Graphic, Robert, A Photo
The Weeknd Dawn FM
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white cowboy hat and pink scarf, in front of a black background
Barbie Film 2023
a painting of a hand holding a star in the air with clouds behind it and blue sky above
an image of a painting on the cover of a book