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an old photo of a woman in a long dress
Pina Bausch - Coeval Magazine
Pina Bausch on Coeval Magazine
three women are standing in the dark with their hands up
Trisha Brown Spanish Dance
Poses, Dancer, Costume, Fotos, Resim, Dark Fantasy Art, Fotografia
two people are dancing in an empty room
ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival
two people sitting in the middle of a circle with one person laying on the ground
sarah kane – subjectiviste
the stage is set with people walking around
La forza della Bavaria
three pictures of different colored glass vases with one being blown in the air and another being blown open
Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies (2008/2010)
Picasso came to Paris at age 20 to attend the Exposition Universal of 1900...and Loie Fuller dancing with sails of fabric on which colored light was projected. But the most important event was the exhibition of moving pictures projected on a 10 x 10 meter screen by the Lumiere brothers...
two photographs of the same object in black and white, one with an open wing
Loie Fuller
Loie Fuller | people are dancing here.
black and white photographs of flowers in various stages of blooming, from the beginning to the end
Serpentine Dance (1891) Portrait of Loïe Fuller, by Frederick Glasier, 1902. #danceandmovement
two pictures of people laying on the ground in front of an audience, one with his head down
Trisha Brown, Group Primary Accumulation, 1973
a group of people standing around each other in front of a mirror with their arms stretched out
“Unity in diversity”
black and white photograph of a woman covering herself
Martha Graham