Greens & Whites

white on white interior with a tree to give a splash of green. The organic shape of the stool ties in beautifully with the tree

wood: I've been told and for me it rings true; trees communicate with one another - even when they are cut down? yup they talk... Star Meridian Design loves this about homes - they are alive. We love the family of wood in this room and it's always lovely to say thanks to the trees for all it gives:)

my scandinavian home

London Cartography Map poster // Architecture, Living Space & Furniture Inspiration #11

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #11

Deer Metal – Finnish furniture design – BEdesign

This beautiful and sculptural bookshelf by Finnish design firm beDesign is inspired by wild deer in the forest. It maintains a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is