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an air plant is growing on top of a tree branch in the shape of a twig
🎈 Air Plants
a sculpture made out of rocks and seaweed with the words decoration & me written on it
an image of a fan with flowers on it
DIY Flower Arranging
Difficulty: Medium What you'll need Rubber Gloves Knife or Clippers Flower Shears Vase Floral Foam Floral Tape Flower Preserve Prepping Your Flowers Remove thorns by using a sharp knife or clippers Remove any excess leaves Cut stems at a 45-degree angle Basic Flower Arrangement Place larger flowers in the center of the arrangement Fill in extra spaces with foliage Smaller flowers can be placed around the perimeter of the arrangement Add flower preserve to water to keep your arrangement healthy longer Use floral foam or floral tape to hold your arrangement in place
a green flower with leaves on a black background
rococo' tulip
two white tulips with green leaves in front of a dark background, one blooming and the other budding
2 tulipes perroquet blanche
a vase with flowers and branches on display in a white walled room next to a tree
South African Flower Union FB post: Japan Flower Design Award 2016
two vases with flowers in them sitting on a table
Fotograaf Fotografie Vos Geel
Baudouin Roelants
two vases with flowers in them on a black tableclothed cloth covered surface
Designer - Micky Kuttig
a blue vase with flowers in it next to a green plant on a gray surface
four different types of planters on wooden blocks with string wrapped around the stems and leaves
«Чудопал. Школа» (Красноярск)
«Чудопал. Школа» (Красноярск)
a green vase filled with lots of flowers on top of a white table next to a wall
florales Objekt Design:Hansjörg Renner Blumen Renner Lörrach