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Point of Sales by Aria Kepo

jpg by Aria Kepo

Till by Joshua Thorley

Hey guys, Here's a quick update on a project I'm currently working on. It's a cohesive point of sale app for iPhone/iPad, targeted at food retail stores and restaurants/cafes/bars etc.

Schedule app by kohutpiotr

team& been having a good time making new shots for you, and here& another one. It shows a concept of service booking app, e. for hairdresser& Do we have your seal of .

Juno Nutrition by Ryan Bales

Excited to share with you another screen of the health/nutrition app we've been working on. The purpose of this screen is to allow a user to track daily calories and macros. all important stuff wh.

Assembly Analytics by Mateusz Dembek

Hey Dribbblers 🖐🏻 So today I& happy to present you the Analytics (overview tab) from our product. On this page companies can check all stats related to influencers and single campaign;

Calendar by Artichow

Calendar by Artichow