Simen Svale

Simen Svale
59.916551,10.741328 / Gartner på Underskog og produkthacker i Bengler.
Simen Svale
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File:Chladni 1830 Akustik Table 5.jpg

geometrymatters: “ Ernst Chladni - Klangfiguren “One of Chladni’s best-known achievements was inventing a technique to show the various modes of vibration of a rigid surface. First published in

Okamoto Kiichi - 50 Watts

by Kiichi Okamoto (Japanese, for the illustrated magazine Kodomo no Kuni (Children’s Land), Best known for his children's book illustrations

Azulejo Czech / Correia Ragazzi Arquitectos

CZECH TILES / Correia / Ragazzi Arquitectos / “Two complementary types of tiles, in high relief andlow relief, that together or separately, create several surfaces of highplasticity. Different patterns and textures can result from the differentand