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Upcycled Clothing Upcycled Dress or Tunic Upcycled by AnikaDesigns, $48.00

This is a lovely Upcycled Dress by AnikaDesigns! This has been made from recycled materials to create a innovative, dungaree style! Upcycle adds value to what may have previously been a worthless item

7 Genius Small Kitchens Ideas for Smart Storage | Hide everything that you don't use daily. Do a proper inventory of everything in your kitchen. If you don't use it on the daily, don't leave it on the counter. This will lessen the amount of clutter you have in your kitchen. A clean, decluttered kitchen can make your space feel much larger than it actually is.

If we keep the fridge where it is, this would be perfect. DIY Space Saving Rolling Kitchen Pantry - Our cabinet space is limited in our tiny kitchen. But we did have 8 inches of unused space beside our fridge. So we bu…

Although we often advocate using an existing piece of furniture as a changing table (and many of you think they're unnecessary altogether), we've long been curious about Ikea's Antilop changer which is potentially the best of both worlds as it has a dedicated purpose, but little impact in a small room. Knowing it was Small Space month here, Jen offers us her review of the Antilop which she uses in her twin's bedroom. Read more to see what she thinks of it.

Ikea folding changing table - If you try to keep the costs of furnishing your baby nursery down or have limited space