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Mitt Lille Hjerte: 17. mai bordet..

KROnPRINSESSENE: 17. mai-feiringen 2012 i bilder og ord!

Norge -- Napkins are a big part of the culture, or at least they used to be. They made BEAUTIFUL napkins of very fine paper, Coffee & Baked goods was served at 4pm (like English Tea) followed by a nap -- in teensy villages where the end of day was 4pm. They had an understanding that the family life was important. & people needed to be home to maintain their homes, cook, be with people... Napkins -- makes it special.

Hooray, 17 May! (beautiful tablescape) 17 mai -bord og bønn!

Pynt bomsterpottene med norske flagg og nasjonalbånd.

Bilderesultat for 17.mai pynt diy