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New Poster: The Coagulation Cascade

New poster available from Tabletop Whale designer Eleanor Lutz: The Coagulation Cascade. Brush up on your knowledge of basic hematology with this beautiful comp

Hope this picture helps all of you for basic microbiology... #microbiology…

The simplest life-forms on Earth have just one cell. An example of a one-celled life-form is a bacterium. These species of bacteria all cause diseases in humans. But many bacteria are not harmful, or even helpful.

Scientists classify living things into groups. At the top of the classification system (shown to the left) are three domains. All living things...

Taxonomy is how we classify living things into groups. This biology picture explores the classification levels of Domains, Kingdoms, and Phyla.

blood types and compatabilities

The red blood cells of humans have one of four different antigens (proteins) on their surface: A, B, AB, or O. The “type” of blood you have is dete.

I pretty much need this.

Mathematicians had the Chalkboard Math Clock, engineers had the Graph Paper Equations Clock, and now chemistry majors and nuclear scientists have the Chemistry Clock. Each number from one through twelve on the clock face uses the elemen

Hahaha my job involves a lot of work with E. coli and coliforms... this made me laugh!

coli causes serious problems with the blood or kidneys, symptoms include: Pale skin. Passing only small amounts of urine.

Little bit of microbiology humor for ya :)

hahaha it's cosmo for bacteria. need to share this idea with my university's micro club. want to try for other organisms. i can see it now: next month: staphylococcus!