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This is the place where I post my own recipes, or remeakes of others with credit. All the food I make is low-fat vegan, most is gluten and soy free. Hope you enjoy!

Silje Gundersen
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Banana oatmeal

Banana oatmeal with english breakfast tea! See the recipe here:

Vegan nori maki sushi <3 Recipe on my blog! Vegan Sushi, I Foods, Cravings, About Me Blog, Ethnic Recipes

Vegan nori maki sushi

Happy Sunday!! I’ve been craving sushi everyday for about 3 weeks and I’ve had it almost every day in those 3 weeks. And I’ve spent an awful lot of money on this amazing place tha…

Creamy asparagus soup! Low-fat and gluten-free. Recipe on my blog! :-) Creamy Asparagus, Asparagus Soup, I Foods, Healthy Eating, Gluten Free, Fat, Vegan, Breakfast, Blog

Creamy asparagus soup

Hello! I just want to say that this blog is helping me a lot! Not just by eating healthier, I did that to a certain degree before. But also by having an excuse to procrastinate because I feel like …

Vegan and gluten-free apple cupcakes! Recipe on my blog! x Apple Recipes, Great Recipes, Apple Cupcakes, Guilt Free, I Foods, Muffin, Gluten Free, Vegan, Breakfast

Guilt-free Apple Cupcakes

Happy Sunday! :D A few days ago, a friend from my class posted this great recipe for apple cupcakes on instagram (@ida_susanneb). They looked so good I had to make them myself and I decided to make…

Low-fat and gluten-free banana bread Gluten Free Banana Bread, Best Banana Bread, I Foods, Sugar Free, Fat, Vegan, Desserts, Blog, Dessert

Low-fat and gluten-free banana bread

Hello! My love for bananas is not stopping. I just made the best banana bread you’ll ever know. And the best thing is that it is gluten-free, sugar-free, low-fat and vegan, so you can easily …

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4 ingredient coco balls

4 ingredients coco balls! These are so good, yet so healthy! See the recipe here: