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Silje Pedersen

Silje Pedersen
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They’re Winter Dogs, People

They're winter dogs, people! I had a husky-Lab mix. She would sit out and refuse to come in during sleet, ice, and snow. In the summer she wanted to hide inside in the A/C.

Hurry up.... Keep Calm Husky Tees! | Teespring

Hurry up. Keep Calm Husky Tees! People are so silly thinking they are wolves, its a Husky, honestly.

So true

This was a joke. The notations on the pictures are directly opposite of the reality. My Problem is: presenting this information in this way gives every idiot human on Earth the wrong impression of these fine dogs.

#Siberian #Husky

Lately I dont talk much except to Mel. I make an exception because he has a dog. - Eileen Granfors Stairs of Sand -photo credit to the owner