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the spanish words are used to describe what is in each language and how do they use them
the different shapes and sizes of cubes are shown with red dots in each square
the colors in italian are all different
a blue poster with different faces and words on it's front cover, which says feelings in italian
Can you talk about your feelings in Italian?
a poster showing different types of boats in the water and on top of each other
125 Basic ITALIAN PHRASES for Travel (FREE PDF Cheat-Sheet)
a statue of a man with a snake in his hand
Asklepios, Asclepius, Aesculapius (Mitoloji) – Özhan Öztürk Makaleleri
an orange and white poster with the words, the verbb'essere to be in italian
The Verb 'Essere' (to be) in Italian
the french numbers are in different languages
four different types of words that are in english and spanish, each with the same subject
Cycle 2 Latin Verbs - Classical but Relevant
an old russian language book with instructions on how to use the symbols for children's drawings
Я люблю русский язык!