Silja Møster

Silja Møster

Silja Møster
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Wonderful exercise to get young horses thinking on their own, establishing balance and responding to aids.

Simple set up but dynamic

how to build your own Horse Jumps

Base for standard with offset wood screws. Get a pair of standards from cutting an 8 ft in half. Cutting an 8 ft into 16 inch pieces will give you the base parts. Paint with outdoor enamel paint.

Horse Jump, I can make a variety of these. Half used for small jumps and flipped over as polls

Wood Cavaletti Cut X Only Horse Jumps

horse crafts | horse gifts - Hand Made Gifts For Any Special Day All Made in America

my horse money

Johanna More

Storage in tack room


Funny Horse Pictures and Images


Horse asking for breakfast at the front door or of my worst nightmares especially if it happens pre-coffee!

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Horses and dog matching. Love that little foal. 16 Reasons Jack Russells Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

These are two fella Bella ponys

Extremely funny pictures of animals. Animal Funny Pictures and Funny Animal Photos. Includes Funny Animal Videos and Pics eg: Penguins, Chickens, Epic Sax Walrus and much more.

Oh ya I am riding it!

Barrel Racing Practice Lindsay sears, great tips