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1998, from Norway 🇳🇴
Silje Lillemoen
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That's one of his newer necklaces. It's a cross and shield because "Christ is [his] armor.

Hunter :)

Apologizing for the flood of Hunter pictures that might appear in your newsfeed today

Hunter Hayes with his CMA

Hunter Hayes' photo: Guys, I cannot believe this. I'm like speechless. All the love going out to you all tonight!

@HunterHayes: Post birthday helium balloon ridiculousness. Good times y'all… Good times…

If you can listen and see if you can figure who is the girl laughing and filming it.

Hunter Hayes

It heals. It’s an amazing thing to be loved and appreciated, and sometimes, music has not just been my best friend, it’s been my only friend.


Dem biceps and that grin.Oh my gosh!