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an artistic display with candles in the shape of a pentagramus and people standing around it
It's been revealed that Music and Movie Industry (the whole entertainment industry) use black magic- before albums and movies get out. Illuminati satanic witches put some demonic possession to these items (their satanic secret rituals, like this pic.). People like John Todd (who totally disappeared after he revealed the truth of music business...probably Illuminati tortured and murdered him) have tried to warn people about these things and the real powers behind phycical realm.Too many ignore it
an abstract painting with many different colors and shapes on the face, including hands and eyes
ULTRA /// cyberpunk / vaporwave / seapunk / glitch / cyberpunk aesthetic / wallpaper / vaporwave aesthetic / space grunge / japanese / vaporwave background / nasa / 1990s / glitch art / vhs aesthetic
an illustration of a man reaching out from behind a wall with the words, the obstacle is the path
You are another me
You are another me
a tie - dyed photo with teddy bears in the center and rainbow colors on it
Trippy Posters
Grateful Dead - Spiral Bear - Poster – TrippyStore