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an islamic greeting card with blue roses and gold leaves on a dark background, in the middle
High School, Best Quran Quotes, Islam Quotes About Life, Quran Quotes Inspirational, Quran Quotes Verses, Quran Quotes Love, Hadith Quotes
Overthinking, distress & Difficulty | Quran quotes inspirational, Islamic inspirational quotes, Hadith quotes
a heart with the words ya allah please remove anybody from my life who is lying to
Please subscribe my channel..My Merciful Allah..Jazakallah Khair.😊
two people standing under a tree with the words, for those people so perhapss
We Can Help... Check Our Life Coaching Services | About Islam Supporting Muslims
SubhanAllah we need to forgive #Islam #forgiveness #IslamicQuotes
an image of a man and woman in love with the words, ya allah i seek refuge in you from love without marriage and a marriage without love
an image with the quote dua for today
an envelope hanging on a clothes line with a message about love written in the background
the silhouette of a clock tower at sunset with an arabic quote below it that reads ya allah, we seek your forgivenesss from all of our sons and we turn to you in repentancence
Astaghfirullah ♥ استغفر الله العظيم
an image of clouds with the words in arabic
Allah u akbar