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an old sewing machine painted green with flowers and mickey mouses on the back cover
a cat is curled up sleeping on a rug
Istanbul_cat_carpet by chiang_benjamin, via Flickr
a cat is sitting on top of a rug
Day 22
Day 22
two cats are sitting on a rug together
Pepper & Lulu Pose on My Favorite Persian Rug
a cat sitting on top of a rug next to a woman
A prim and proper Luna with her pawsies crossed
a white seal with its mouth open and tongue out sitting in the snow on an ice floe
50 Adorable Baby Animals Will Surely Make Your Day Brighter | FallinPets
a painting of a cat and a ladybug
A Lady in Kingsley's Garden
A Lady in Kingsley's Garden (88 pieces)
Crazy Cat Lady, Cat With Blue Eyes, Cat Background, Cat Photography
six colored pencils lined up in the shape of musical notes and stars, with music notes drawn on them
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colored pencils lined up on top of each other
I like this photo because the different colors really pop and the close up picture gives an interesting perspective
several pencils with hearts drawn on them
Rainbow of Hearts ♡