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Sci-Fi Ships Updated PIC...About a year ago, German artist Dirk Löchel created one of the most complete — and supremely nerdy — infographics I’d ever seen. It deservedly went viral. At the time, I analyzed his amazing graphic to catalog the sizes and shapes of 529 star ships ranging from Star Trek to Mass Effect.

Some Healthy New Ideas For Weight Loss Wins [Proven!] Some Healthy New Ideas For Weight Loss Wins [Proven!] At the beginning of a new weight-loss plan, many people are extremely motivated and hopeful.

Wood Species

Wood Type and Wood Species Infographic– Here is a fascinating comparison of wood type, which focuses on species.

Where to cut bowls More

Where to cut bowls

you think your teacher's hard, try having 1 rip half your flaming (litterally) limbs off and leaving you with grade 6 burns and a rasp.

Kids these days, amirite? 25 Times The Internet Made “Star Wars” Hilarious

Im sorry, theres some ahem..."colorful" stuff but its just so funny!

The very best of Star Wars memes>> number 13

still a better theory than Rey Kenobi....

Well this a interesting theory, a film mistake has turned into a film theory for Supreme Leader Snoke


Funny Meme Airport homecomings can be emotional.

26 Jokes Guaranteed To Make “Star Wars” Fans Laugh Every Time

26 Jokes Guaranteed To Make "Star Wars" Fans Laugh Every Time

From 0 to 100

Stormtroopers are now ordered to fire warning shots.

Whoopsy Daisy! #starwars

Do hope Harrison Ford is alright though