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the interior of a restaurant with tables and stools in front of a painting on the wall
Berlin's unique and unusual bars: a Jungle in Neukölln
ღღ A glimpse of the jungle in a cool Berlin bar
a room with chairs and lamps in it
Nathanja & Heinrich
Nathanja & Heinrich: "one of the best bars in Neukölln" (let´s check!) #night
people riding bikes down a path next to a river in the sun with trees lining both sides
Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin, take a stroll or watch people playing boule at night
many people are sitting on the grass by the water and some have bikes in front of them
Afterwork Beer #Boxatwork #Berlin Landwehrkanal in Berlin, Berlin
an old building with people sitting at tables in front of it and lights on the windows
Fem tips för en helg i Berlin
an old phone booth with graffiti on the wall
The Photobooth Phenomenon
Berlin’s Photoautomat-- photo booths scattered throughout Berlin
a large sign that says alex on top of a building with a tower in the background
ALEX(-anderplatz) in #Berlin More information on Berlin:
many people are sitting at tables in an open area with lots of lights on the ceiling
ღღ BERLIN Markthalle Kreuzberg - Berlin BARS AND RESTAURANTS
people sitting at tables in front of an archway
Club - Zur wilden Renate |
an empty subway station with green tile walls and round mirrors on the wall above it
[Scotch Tape Doors] #urbanexplorer #bierpinsel #newtopographics...
a large tower with cars parked in front of it on the side of a road
The Bierpinsel
an unusual building in the middle of a parking lot
people sitting at tables in an alleyway with flags hanging from the ceiling and potted plants on either side
Yahoo - login
Cinema | Mitte (Rosenthaler Straße) This looks like the cinema in Hackescher Hof at Hackescher Markt.