Animals that don't want to stay between the lines

Animals that don't want to stay between the lines

South Africa-based artist and illustrator Iantha Naicker has created an adorable series of animal drawings. Using color pencils and watercolors, her playful animals are seen “tangled up” in the lines of a notebook.

3d drawings

NAGAIHIDEYUKI - Drawing - Beckoning to the evil 'I drew a hand that is beckoning to the world of evil from the other side of the prison.

3D butterfly drawing. I love how it looks like the butterfly has flown out of the paper.

Ramon Bruin – Feathers – As it flies low over his paper, Bruin’s bird seems to have lost a feather. Illusionistic art has been around since Ancient times, when unknown painters depicted fictional landscapes on inside walls of wealthy… Continue Reading →

Mind-Boggling 3D Drawings on Flat Sheets of Paper - by Dutch artist Ramon Bruin, aka JJK Airbrush

Mind-Boggling 3D Drawings on Flat Sheets of Paper

3d pencil drawing. Read Full article: | more . Follow us

15 Mind Blowing Disney Paintings by Thomas Kinkade - The Painter of Light

Taking 2 canvases at 2 different angles and making them one large space with the image. Amazing perspective scale.

Belgian artist Ben Heine created "Pencil vs Camera", a work that mixes drawing and photography to create some fascinating imagery. He produces pictures using a pencil and a huge blank


This picture best describes me, as I have a passion for art and drawing and I love to be creative. The reason I chose a picture of a zebra is because I absoltely love animals.

Unbelievable 3D Drawings (16 pieces) - My Modern Metropolis

Unbelievable 3D Drawings by Chilean Artist Fredo

Young Chilean artist Fredo draws absolutely mind-blowing three-dimensional pencil drawings that look like they’re about to jump off the page.

photographer Ben Heine

Art by Ben Heine. I would love to learn how to draw something like this! It's amazing how he made it look like the guy was actually sitting up shooting pictures.