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a painting of a cliff with a castle on top
Church at Varengeville, Morning, 1882 - Claude Monet -
a painting of water lilies in pink and yellow
Water Lilies, 1914 - 1917 - Claude Monet -
a painting of a path leading to the beach
Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature
a painting of two people walking down a snowy road in front of houses and trees
Impressionist Art
The Magpie Monet Poster, Caspar David Friedrich, Francisco Goya, Henri Rousseau, Van Gogh Museum, Rene Magritte
The Magpie, 1869 - 6.5x9.75 image on 11x14 Paper
an oil painting of sunflowers in a vase
Claude Monet Poster - Flower Garden
a painting of the setting sun over a body of water with trees and boats in it
Sunset on the Seine at Lavacourt, Winter Effect
a painting of a house sitting on top of a hill next to the ocean with waves coming in
a painting of boats in the water with oranges and yellows
Claude Monet's Top 20 Most Famous Paintings [Must See Art!]
a painting of a garden with sunflowers in the foreground and a lighthouse in the background
LEscalier a Vetheuil, 1881 by Claude Monet
an oil painting of rocks in the ocean
Rock Points at Belle-Ile, 1886 - 22.5x17.5 image on 24.5x19.5 Paper