An elegant compass and a pleasant design sidetrip from lighting handcrafted in wood, Compasso by Asaf Weinbroom has only a single arm: add a pencil and the second axis is formed, making the functional shape complete.

Chrome-Leather |  | A look at Bespoke Innovation, a company specializing in helping amputees customize prosthetic coverings.

printing is about to blow your mind. Read more about this Bespoke Innovations artificial limb

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Looking for the best price on Stelton - Rig Tig Sweep-It Dustpan & Broom? Try Peter's of Kensington, Sydney Australia. Why in the world would you shop anywhere else for Stelton?

Sweeper and Funnel by Menu

Sweeper and Funnel

Sweeper and Funnel is so simple in it’s core idea, that it becomes almost brilliant – it’s the kind of design you wish you’d thought of yourself, and the obvious value of the design makes people wonde

Opinel / Les Essentiels

Kitchen Set with 4 knives for the essential cutting tools around the kitchen. Steel blades and beechwood handles.

Auto Draft : leManoosh

We live in a world filled with design innovations and ingenious products, but it may.

Hole Measuring Tape

The Hole Measuring Tape by Sunghoon Jung is pretty innovative allowing you to draw straight lines and circles with precision.

Hand-crafted, minimal spoons by Hope in the Woods.

Minimal Spoons By Hope In The Woods

Deep bowled thin stem spoons, that come in a range of natural colours. Perfect for spices, condiments and jars. From left to right in the first ima.

Product Design: JP Johansson, Swedis

DigitaltMuseum is a common database for Norwegian and Swedish museums and collections. It provides access to more than four million photographs, objects, works of art and buildings.