Modular shelves

Estanteria Modular Bookcase You may also like: 20 Uberstylish Modular Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems

Plywood artist's studio by Ruetemple combines areas for storage, seating and sleeping.

plywood artist's studio by ruetemple combines areas for storage, seating and sleeping

Criss-Cross Wire Shelf, storage space for music room

5 Beautiful Ways to Divide Your Room Without Walls

Open shelving room divider by Pietro Russo. It's gorgeous. I want it in my dream house, of course.

Modular furniture; Labt designs


Labt is a Belgian design collective that creates small edition pieces of furniture and accessories. The various designers collaborate on the different proj

Tadafusa Factory Showroom | Leibal

Tadafusa Factory Showroom

Storage Idea

I LOVE this IDEA .Madison "Arara Nomade" by Oboio Design Studio. Provides the Tools to ~ Organize Your Wardrobe in a Compact Case. Designing the parts to assemble without the use of tools.

The Circulum family

An Elegant Multi-Functional Shelf for Keeping All Your Essentials in Place

CIRCULUM BOWL freestanding pin tray to keep all your essentials in place. Hallway,entrance or living room it's your choice where it will be.