Discipline: once a student reaches yellow they get a warning. When they reach red they lose privileges such as recess or computer time.

I like this traffic light behaviour management chart because it helps students with self-regulation. When children are misbehaving or make a bad choice, they will move their peg down a level. They will also have the chance to move up a level if their beha

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Bilderesultat for mal på årshjul til årstider

skolfrokenfraken.files.wordpress.com 2016 02 img_4505.jpg

skolfrokenfraken.files.wordpress.com 2016 02 img_4505.jpg

A blog that chronicles the adventures of room 83. Find many wonderful resources created for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Best of 2014- Calm Down Kit

When Im Angry/Frustrated Visual Calming Card- These are great visual cue cards to use with a student while having a tantrum. These are simple steps to help students cope through overwhelming emotions.