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someone is sewing something on a piece of fabric with their hands and the other hand
kurs i generell bunadsøm
Beltestakken ble ferdig – villamilla Vintage, Inspiration, Knitting, Couture, Dirndl, Scandinavian Traditional, Norwegian Clothing, Ethnic Doll
Beltestakken ble ferdig
Beltestakken ble ferdig – villamilla
a woman wearing a red dress with flowers in her hair and an elaborate headpiece
Infinite Dreams
Gothic Fashion, Style, Oc, Outfit, Fantasy Clothing, Girl, Dark Fashion
Traditional, Urban, Winter Outfits, Costumes, Lady, Traditional Outfits
Design, Casual, Instagram
Model, Giyim, Cosplay Outfits, Red Fantasy Gown
Scandinavian Costume, Kleding, Garb