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a plant in a colorful vase with flowers on it
We still have a few big pots available online. 🌈 Thanks so much to everyone who shopped our release last night! All orders will be packed… | Instagram
BEGINNER WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL: How To Paint With Watercolors by rosannecreates
a pink frame with a purple dinosaur in the center and flowers on the outside, inside
LuxCups Creative | Chula League
Lilac Lovely, 8x10x8 Hand painted shadowbox with repurposed vinyl dinosaur in foliage
a poster with the words, draw a gems for hazel on it and an image of different
35 Printable Adult Coloring Pages That Will Help You De-Stress
50 Printable Adult Coloring Pages That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again
an odd looking toy in a wooden box
some art supplies are laying out on the table
Dragon fruit, aka my spirit fruit #dragonfruit #fruit #summer #foodillustration
an alien with colorful hair and mushrooms on it's head
NocturnalAbstract - Profile | OpenSea
an abstract painting with multicolored lines and shapes in the shape of a woman's head
a piece of paper with some type of thing on it
Beauty's Where You Find It
a tiny blue object with yellow eyes in someone's hand
DIY Creepy pots
Difficulty: Easy Tools • Plastic toys (bugs, bats, etc..) • Latex paint • Baking soda • Glue • Terracotta pot • Matte clear spray. Instructions • Glue a toy to the pot. I used hot glue. It won’t stick completely, but do your best to stick everything down. You don’t want anything to be raised up or else it will ruin the illusion. • Mix latex paint with baking soda to get a paintable paste. • Paint the pot making sure you make the toy look blended in. I did 2 -3 light coats. • Once it dries, finish it off with a matte clear spray. Happy crafting!