Sci fi spaceships

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3d futuristic laboratory interior scene model

Scifi Laboratory Interior 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games.

Illustrations of Imaginary Cyberpunk Gadgets

all images courtesy E Wo Kaku Peter A Japanese freelance concept artist who goes by the pen name E Wo Kaku Peter (which roughly means "Peter who draws" but we'll just call him Peter) has been creating intriguing illustrations of imaginary gadgets. Based in Kanazawa, Peter's creations often illustrate a dystopian, cyberpunk future. Peter's illustrations […]

Drug Dispenser by ianllanas on DeviantArt

Jet injector concept art Drug Dispenser

USS ASCENDANT BRIDGE 3 by calamitySi on DeviantArt

This is my model of the bridge of the USS Ascendant. The design is basically a like for like recreation of the bridge of the USS Vengeance from Star Tre... USS ASCENDANT BRIDGE 3

Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Highlights Wakanda

Some brand new Captain America: Civil War concept art from Mark Okon highlights the film's version of Wakanda and Avengers HQ.

Sci Fi Habitat, Mihaela Ciora

Final Submission for a Style Matrix Project at university. For this project I wanted to make a Spaceship Habitat. The main influence for this project was Wayne Haag's Alien Covenant concept art ( ). The aim of

Star Trek Photo: Star Trek House

My front room!

Overwatch - Horizon Lunar Colony , Oscar Cafaro

Overwatch - Horizon Lunar Colony by Oscar Cafaro on ArtStation.

10 Tantalizing Toaster Concepts

The toaster of tomorrow is far from a simplistic appliance performing one function. The following conceptual designs transform your toasting unit into wall-mounted, note-taking toasting machines.

Overwatch - Horizon Lunar Colony , Oscar Cafaro

Overwatch - Horizon Lunar Colony by Oscar Cafaro on ArtStation.

MEA_Tempest Meeting Room, Ken Fairclough

Mass Effect Andromeda concept done for the meeting room in the Tempest. This was done working off of a previous concept by Brian Sum. Level Artist - Scotty Brown Original Concept - Brian Sum

Lounge by KypcaHT on DeviantArt

Concept / Promotional art for The Amaranth Chronicles… Lounge

Wolfenstein: The New Order artdump part 2

Back with more wolfenstein-stuff! This time its more environmentassets, random props from here and there, didnt bother rendering everything, just picked stuff here and there. Some of these are also a bit spoilery, giving away some of the settings of the game. Not as sexy stuff as big mechs and guns, but the majority of time is spent doing this kind of stuff, so figured that I would post these aswell. In general all of these were built pretty fast, speed before polish, and didnt bother to sex…

페느스쿨 학생갤러리 - ★★★★★

PeneSCHOOL : Game Background Concept Art & Matte Painting School / 페느스쿨 : 배경컨셉아트 & 매트페인팅 갤러리